About Modeling Objects

Modeling Objects is a weekly series of screencasts produced by AlexAlex Hoffman portrait Hoffman (@axhof on twitter/x) that features short videos on using collaborating objects in code - to model business systems.

Released every Monday, they primarily are about showing how to model a complex problem domain, using a small set of rules and principles that can be repeatedly applied.

Being able to model in this way can be a super-power. Imagine being in a meeting with a stakeholder describing complex business requirements, and immediately knowing how to represent them in a domain model and code.

With over 40 years as a professional programmer, project manager, solution architect and manager, I'm anxious that the art and science of object-oriented modeling isn't lost to a new generation of programmers.


If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. I'd love to hear them! Please send an email to hello@modelingobjects.com


All videos and content are Copyright © 2024 Modeling Objects, and may not be shown, reproduced, embedded, provided or distributed on any other site or location other than on modelingobjects.com without written permission. No warranties are given.

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